Vibration and Light - "Living in the Light of Inner Peace" ™
About Vibration and Light
DaleAnne Lugrin has studied vibrational healing,  meditation, yoga, stilling the mind and heart-opening practices for many years. For the past 10 years she has been the facilitator of study groups that focus on these themes, has led workshops and coached many individuals to implement these practices in everyday situations.  DaleAnne has also been an artist, musician and writer all of her life, incorporating the creative, intuitive process in her coaching and workshops.  She  teaches clients how to direct their energy, thoughts and feelings to a place of joy and freedom.  She assists them to still and focus their minds, so they can enjoy greater contentment, balance and clarity in their lives.  DaleAnne has a lot of love, patience and compassion for her clients, having done extensive inner work, resulting in understanding of the journey to inner peace and happiness.
At  the age of sixteen, DaleAnne
began practicing
Transcendental Meditation
and has been a student of
Siddha Yoga for the past eighteen years.  From 1999-2000, she lived at an ashram where she
experienced an in-depth process
of quieting her mind.  She
practices  breath work taught by
the Art of Living Foundation,  has
studied  A Course in Miracles
since the 1980s and mindfulness from several different traditions.
"Shakti Swirl" 
DaleAnne has studied the teachings of numerous spiritual mentors, has taken courses in shamanic practices, studied and practiced the use of gems, essential oils, sacred geometry, art therapy; color, light and sound therapy; voice toning, Tibetan bowls, movement and Reiki for energy balancing, healing and meditative practices.  She uses many of these tools in her vibrational healing sessions. 

DaleAnne is trained and certified by "Essential Oil Therapies" in Englewood, New Jersey to practice the Young Living Raindrop method of applying essential oils to the spine.  Her teacher, James Niederland, has performed over a thousand Raindrop treatments and trained directly with Gary Young (the creator of the Raindrop technique and founder of Young Living Essential Oils). 

DaleAnne also uses her intuition and visionary abilities to assist her clients with discovering their own inner guidance, vision and self-direction. She has studied coaching methods and has extensive experience as a trainer, teacher and speaker in corporate settings.  She has lead her own seminars on well-being, the path to inner peace and the Law of Attraction.   She also conducts workshops for children and adults on
" Creative Expression as a Spiritual Experience", "Opening to Your Inner Creativity" and "Painting as Prayer".

DaleAnne studied fine arts and design at Syracuse University's
College of Visual & Performing Arts and Kansas City Art Institute.
She has been singing since she was a child, as a solo artist, in choirs and chanting groups. She also plays numerous musical instruments, including
African, East Indian, American Indian, Celtic and Latin hand drums.
She writes inspirational poetry and  is working on several books and
recordings about spirituality, her own inner journey, opening the heart
and vibrational healing.