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Gallery Images

To order high quality, giclée prints of existing images displayed in the Gallery on this website, you must call or send a request to the phone number or email address listed above. Prints may be ordered in any size other than the original size listed in the Gallery. Prices are determined by the specific image and the printer's price per square foot, generally ranging from $200-$500. Most orders for prints  take between 6-8 weeks to ship, but in some cases will take less or more time. 


Original Artwork

Prices for existing original artwork will be given upon inquiry. Most originals are priced anywhere from $2000 - $25,000 and up. A few are $500. Once you have placed an order, an invoice is emailed to you with a link to PayPal where payment can be made to some cases, checks will be accepted. Please call for more information.) An estimated time of delivery will be given when the order is placed.

Commissioning a New Original Painting

To commission a new, original painting, customized to your image request, you must call or write to the phone number or email address listed above. The price of each commissioned painting is determined by the client's requested specifications expressed in conversation with the artist. Original artwork usually ranges from $2,000-$25,000 and up. Some, less elaborate images are priced at $500-$2000. After the price has been set, an invoice is emailed by Vibration and Light to the client for payment, according to the agreed upon payment arrangement. The invoice contains a link to where payment can be made to (In some cases, checks or credit cards may be accepted or preferred. (Please call for more information.) Delivery time depends on the specifications of the artwork and how long it takes to complete the piece. Approximation of a shipping date will be made by the artist when the order is placed but may be changed if the artwork needs more time to be completed,

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To register for a workshop, make appointments for intuitive spiritual coaching, mindfulness/meditation guidance, vibrational healing or Raindrop essential oils treatments, call 860-328-2097 or send an email request to Once you have made your appointment(s), or registered for a workshop, an invoice from Vibration and Light will be sent to you by email with a link to where you can make your payment to (In some cases, checks will be accepted. Please call for more information.)

Essential Oils

To order therapeutic grade essential oils, call 860-328-2097, or send an email request to


Vibrational Artwork

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 "Crystals in Purple Bowl"

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